If yes, that's the wish of most tertiary students. You need all the student services support to assist you cope with the stress of tertiary education.

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It is extremely difficult to satisfy the learning styles of all students in a class. If you feel your learning style is not adequately supported, we will like to hear from you 

You may have difficulties finding out an organization that provide all the support services you need such as scholarship information, support for disabilities, tour packages (preferably approved by tourism malaysia), information on becoming an entrepreneur and academic support for your research only to mention a few.

Without being aware, you can lose precious study time in the process, perhaps accepting it as part of student life.

That is why we do not only provide you research information required to support you academically but also (for your convenience) integrate your most relevant student support services.

Hence, see the benefits of our services and most importantly, be reassured of our quality student support.

Benefits of our student services

Our services provide you

  1. High quality relevant research information and support services for Malaysian and non-Malaysian tertiary students

  2. Free placement for prospective international students

  3. One-stop integrated center for your student needs during your entire study in Malaysia (you have no reason to look elsewhere)

  4. Solid preparation for graduating students (local and international)

  5. Connect tertiary students with the well-privileged and less privileged in the society

  6. Provides support to disable students

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Academic support and non-academic support are all you need to succeed in your educational pursuits and we provide both academic and non-academic support services. You do not need any other service anywhere else

List of our student support services

Our academic student services include:

  1. Student academic support services – Do you have difficulty with your research work and need support? Why hesitate to make use of our professional writing services or take advantage of our free research support services.

  2. Publications - worried about how to start your assignment or research? why not get an easy head start on your assignments and coursework using our academic researched articles. Save yourself precious time for your other important activities. Get smart and find out available research articles.         
  3. Student resources - get our increasingly updated student resources needed to get started in your       tertiary education, during your studies and after you graduate. 

Our non-academic student services include:

  1. Student placement service – this service ensures that you get a smooth head start to your studies in Malaysia. Know the country, the people, and the processes and avoid unscrupulous and undisciplined agents. See how you can study in Malaysia.

  2. Student accommodation services – are you not comfortable with your current accommodation? Never mind. We provide you many accommodation options to choose from. Just let us know your preference(s) and we get to work for you. The best part? You don’t have to pay for this. Our passion is to provide student services that really support students.

  3. Student disability services – never underestimate the “ability” in the word “disability”. Disabilities can challenge us but we are here to support you as a student to achieve your goals. Investigate our disability services information.

  4. Student advertisement services – this service enables you market what you have – special talents, used items etc. Let your voice be heard around the world and get paid. See how to use our student advertisement service to advertise here...

  5. Student legal services – the old saying “ignorance is no excuse at law” summarizes the need to know your rights. Find out what is legal in Malaysia as a student and what is not. Do you know your rights? ...

  6. Student news services – stay informed of current news in Malaysia, Asia and the world. Our news service gives you an opportunity to report your news item and comment on news events.

  7. Student tour service – (coming soon)

  8. Student sports services – (coming soon)

  9. Student entertainment – get well researched information on the field of entertainment. Know what’s best for you, latest trends and possibilities. See the lifestyles of students in other campuses and tell your your campus lifestyles as well

  10. Student training – (coming soon)

  11. Student Scholarship services – you don’t have to pay for all your fees when you can have a scholarship. Get insight on the list of scholarships that are available to you.

  12. Student entrepreneurial skills support – are you wondering what to do now that you’ve graduated, about to graduate or simply brainstorming? Have you applied for some jobs but not successful? Have you thought of becoming an entrepreneur? Becoming an entrepreneur can be fulfilling so if you have some burning ideas but not sure exactly on what to do, let us put your ideas to work…… (Why not learn where to start now?)

We’ll like to show you around our range of support services! Ready? Let’s go!!...

    Student Services blog

    The Student Services Blog keeps you up-to-date with all services and changes to the Web site. Find out here...


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    Tourism Malaysia

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    Research student support services

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    Research skills for tertiary students

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    Student Advertisement

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    Student project research

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    Most tertiary students fail as a result of not getting help as soon as they need it. If you need any help as a tertiary student in Malaysia or abroad, contact us here..........

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