2013 College Scholarships offered by Malaysian Educational Institutions

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The various 2013 college scholarships offered by Malaysian educational institutions are listed below:


The Star collaborates with local and overseas educational institutions to provide educational opportunities to deserving and needy Malaysian students. Applications are now open to Malaysians to benefit from scholarships provided by collaborating educational institutions for 2013. The scholarship is specifically open to young Malaysian who are no more than 25 years of age as at 1st January 2013.

Closing date - 2 weeks after release of SPM or STPM results


HELP University is offering 2013 college scholarships to encourage academically inclined Malaysian and international students who display leadership qualities to pursue tertiary education at the University.  The university provides the following scholarships:

  1. Full scholarships
  2. Partial scholarships
  3. Study awards
  4. Financial assistance to students (HELP University students only) facing financial difficulties but who are not eligible for scholarship awards based on academic achievements.    

HELP welcomes applications from high academic achievers for Scholarship and Study Awards from both new and continuing students.   

Closing date - Ongoing 

Find out details of HELP University scholarships


A range of 2013 college scholarships is being awarded by INTI University to outstanding and deserving Malaysian students interested in pursuing higher education. The following 2013 college scholarships are available:

  • INTI Laureate merit scholarships - This scholarship is for SPM/ O'level students, STPM/ UEC students and other pre-university programmes pursuing Diploma (1st year)/ 4+0 programme (1st year)/ AUP (30 credit hours)/ A-level (3 subjects)/ NSW HSC/ SAM, foundation + degree programmes and all degree programmes. 
  • INTI Leadership X-cellence Scholarship 
  • INTI tertiary scholarships
  • INTI sports X-cellence scholarships
  • INTI Chairman award
  • INTI family loyalty award - for new students who have a sibling currently studying at INTI or is an INTI alumnus
  • INTI Edu-assist - provided as a partial tuition grant applicants of foundation programmes and PTPTN loan recipients to ease out-of-pocket-expenses.

Closing dates:                                                                                               

February intake - 15 February 2013

March/April intake - 24 March 2013

May intake - 21 April 2013.                                                                                        

Chairman award and Family loyalty award have their intake dates as their closing dates.

Find out details of INTI University scholarships


KBU International college offers 2013 college scholarships to Malaysians who have excelled in the UEC examinations, SPM and STPM and interested in pursuing diploma and degree programmes in KBU. The following 2013 college scholarships are available:

  1. Chinese Independent High School - Principal's scholarships 2013                             
  2. Merit scholarships (Pre-university/Foundationa/Diploma programmes) 
  3. Student leaders & Top Office Bearers scholarships (Foundation, Pre-university, Diploma/Degree programmes)
  4. Sports scholarships - provided for National player, State player, District player, School Sports man and woman of the year on a variety of sports.

Closing date - January/May/August 2013 intakes (Degree)                                          

Closing date - January/April/May/October intakes (Diploma)

Find out details of KBU International college scholarships


IUKL offers full and partial scholarships and financial assistance to Malaysian and international students. The available scholarships and its conditions are as follows:

  1. Full scholarship - maintenance of 3.8 GPA score every semester
  2. Partial scholarship - maintenance of 3.5 GPA score every semester
  3. Tuition fee waiver - special scheme based on merit where local and international students can get a percentage of the tuition fees waived.

Application deadline - Ongoing

Find out details of IUKL 2013 college scholarships


KDU University college offers 2013 college scholarships to commencing and continuing students interested in pursuing Pre-university programs, American programs and KDU Diploma and degree programs and KDU Partner degree programs. The 2013 college scholarships that are available are as follows:

  1. High achievers scholarship - for SPM/O'level students pursuing Pre-University, American and KDU Diploma programmes.
  2. Bursary award -  for SPM/O'level students pursuing Pre-University, American and KDU Diploma programmes.
  3. Degree scholarships - for STPM/UEC/A'level/AUSMAT candidates pursuing KDU Degree programmes and KDU Partner University programmes.
  4. Suria Bursary Grant - covers only tuition fees of all KDU programmes. Provided to students from families with difficulties in financing the program.
  5. Sports scholarships - open to state and national athletes and covers 50% of tuition fees on all KDU programmes of study.
  6. Merit scholarship - open to local and international KDU students with a CGPA greater than 3.5 in the previous semester. Award covers RM 2000 per tuition fee waiver on all KDU programmes.
  7. Student leadership award - open to students holding the position of President/Chairman of a school uniformed body. Award is a one-off tuition fee waiver of RM 2000.
  8. Study Grant - based on the last secondary school attended before enrolling into any KDU programmes. A selected list of secondary schools are chosen from Perlis, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Melacca, Pahang, Terrengannu, Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak. Award covers a RM 5000 tuition waiver.
  9. Sibling Discount - open to siblings of KDU students enrolled in any KDU Foundation/Diploma/Degree progammes longer than one year. Award covers 10% discount for the second sibling if the first sibling have completed or still pursuing the programme and 40% discount if the other siblings have completed or are still pursuing the programme of study. All programmes pursuied should be more than one year duration.
  10. Alumni Discount - open to returning KDU students that have graduated for more than a year interested in pursuing  KDU degree or KDU Partner degree progammes. Award covers 10% tuition fee waiver.
  11. Sri KDU Alumni Discount - open to students from Sri KDU schools (under the KDU Education Group) only interested in continuing college study on any programme with KDU University college. Award entitles student to a 30% tuition fee waiver.
  12. Returning Student Discount - open to KDU  students that have completed Pre-University/Foundation/American degree program/Diploma. Award cover 10% tuition fee waiver on the next programme of study. 
  13. Staff Discount - open to students of KDU employees (spouse, children, brother, sister) interested in Foundation/Diploma/Degree/Masters programmes. Award covers 10% - 40% tuition fee waiver.

Closing dates - Ongoing

Find out details of KDU University college scholarships


MUST in collaboration with APM Engineering and Research offers scholarships to 2013 student intakes interested in Engineering Research and Design at Master and PHD level study.

Application deadline - Not stated

Find out details of MUST-APA scholarships


Monash University offers 2013 college scholarships and discounts to outstanding students that have excelled in their studies. The available 2013 college scholarships for this year includes:

  1. High Achievers awards for new students - open to new students applying to study in Monash university Sunway campus with excellent pre-university academic results. Award entitles the student to RM 10,000 per year with RM 5,000 disbursed each semester and is automatically awarded on application. 
  2. High Achievers awards for existing students - open to existing students who have excelled in two continuous semesters in Monash University Sunway campus including those who did not meet the criteria at the High Achiever award for new students. Award entitles the student to RM 10,000 per year with RM5,000 disbursed each semester.
  3. Honours scholarships - open for students who have excelled in their undergraduate degree and interested in progressing to an Honours degree.
  4. Sibling Discount - available in the form of a tuition waiver to two or more siblings enrolled in full-paying courses in the same semester. This applies to all course of study except single unit enrollment, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy and all post-graduate degree courses. Award entitles a student to 10% discount on the higher semester tuition fee and applied to the sibling paying the higher tuition fee. 

Closing date for sibling discount - March 31 (for semester 1 fees)

                                                     August 31 (for semester 2 fees).

Find out details of Monash University scholarships


Sunway University offers 2013 college scholarships to prospective and existing students of the university. The available 2013 college scholarships for this year includes: 

  1. Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance scholarships - open to freshmen in recognition for outstanding academic achievements prior to admission and enrollment into a new program in Sunway University. Award is provided in the form of tuition fee deduction. Application deadline - 2 weeks after the commencement date of the program or 2 weeks after the release of actual results.
  2. Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Continuing scholarships - open to all Sunway University and Group of colleges, Pre-University, Foundation and Diploma students  progressing to undergraduate programmes. Award is provided in the form of tuition fee deduction between 30% to 75%. Application deadline - 2 weeks after the commencement date of the program or 2 weeks after the release of actual results.
  3. Sunway University Chancellors and Lancaster University scholarships - open to Malaysian citizens who have achieved outstanding academic results for entry into degree courses. Award is a full scholarship in the form of tuition fee deduction including a 2 weeks visit to Lancaster University in the final year of study. Application deadline - 1st March 2013,       1st August 2013.
  4. Sunway Excellence scholarships - Actuaries studies - open to studnets with outstanding academic achievements interested in pursuing a program of study leading to the award of  BSc (Hons) Actuarial Studies. Award is provided in the form of tuition fee deduction (excluding general fees). Application deadline - 1st March 2013,       1st August 2013. 
  5. Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community scholarships - open to Malaysians aged 18 to 25 years of age who are potential achievers recommended from welfare homes, NGO's and poor communities and households earning below RM 18,000. Award includes full tuition fees, accommodation, book allowance and monthly allowance to study selected courses.  Application deadline - Ongoing.
  6. Sunway Talent scholarships (Sports) - open to Malaysian students studying at Sunway University who are outstanding state or National athletes. Award is in the form of tuition fee deduction. State athletes enjoy a 50% fee deduction while National athletes enjoy a 75% to 100% fee deduction. Application deadline - 2 weeks after the commencement date of the program or 2 weeks after the release of actual results.
  7. Sunway Talent scholarships (Music) - open to Malaysian and international students with outstanding music achievements pursuing full-time Diploma and undergraduate programs at Sunway University. Award is in the form of 25% - 75% tuition fee deduction. Application deadline - 2 weeks after the commencement date of the program or 2 weeks after the release of actual results.
  8. Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Awards - awarded to students that have achieved outstanding results at the end of their program of study in Sunway University. Award requires no application and includes RM 2,000 and a certificate of achievement from the University.
  9. Siblings Discount - provided to new students whose sibling(s) have completed studies or are currently studying in Sunway University, Sunway college KL and Sunway International school. Award includes a RM 500 one-off deduction from tuition fees. Application deadline - 2 weeks after the commencement date of the program.

Find out details of Sunway University scholarships


Saito College offer scholarships for its March 2013 intake scholarships. The available scholarships includes:

  1. Tetsuo Saito scholarships (100% scholarship - course fees only) - available to students that achieved 7A's in exams (SPM, UEC or equivalent), 4 portfolios of artwork to be submitted and an interview session with the college
  2. Saito achievers scholarships (30% scholarship - course fees only) - available to students with 3A's in exams (SPM, UEC or equivalent)
  3. Saito scholarship (10% scholarship - course fee only) - available for students that achieved 3C's in exams (SPM, UEC or equivalent) with a family income less than RM 4,000 or RM 48,000 per annum

Find out details of Saito College scholarships

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