Are you seeking admissions into other colleges in Malaysia but are unsure on how to proceed with the transfer? Are you completing your secondary education and would like to study in Malaysia?

Or perhaps are you considering if Malaysia will be a good study destination after you complete your secondary school education in your country?

If you are considering if Malaysia will be a good study abroad destination, we encourage you to learn why increasing thousands of international students prefer to study in Malaysia (opens a new window).

New enrollments or transferring into reputable Malaysian tertiary institutions is easy especially as we are increasingly developing business relationships with more colleges and universities.

We secure admissions for current students inside Malaysia that want to transfer to other colleges in Malaysia and new international students that intend to travel to Malaysia to study.

Some colleges in Malaysia are not allowed to enroll international students; hence we recommend only recognized institutions to all applicants.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you allow us to secure your admissions for you:

  1. We do not charge any fee from any applicant for the purpose of securing entrance into any Malaysian tertiary institution or university. Beware of organizations, individuals or unscrupulous agents that request various fees for this service. We work for the colleges and universities we represent who remunerate us for our services.
  2. We are a registered Malaysian company, fully understand the working of the Malaysian education system and because of our being registered agents of reputable Malaysian colleges and universities we believe we are in the best position to provide you the best education advice you need.
  3. You can apply to multiple schools with us instead of paying multiple application fees to different colleges and universities.
  4. You can have peace of mind and concentrate on more pressing matters while we work for you.
  5. We can provide you alternative advice free of charge if your preferences are difficult to meet.
  6. You can reach us at any time to inquire of the progress of your application.

The entry process into Malaysian colleges and universities can be achieved following these 10 easy steps:

  1. Fill out a short admission request form below with the required information.
  2. We respond within (2) business days to your request.
  3. You send us required documents to begin the admission process.
  4. You pay the required application fee directly to the institution.
  5. We file your application with the college or university and monitor its progress.
  6. We or the school (depending on the institutions policies) communicates to you the outcome of your application.
  7. When the application is successful, you arrange to pay your school fees (usually first year fees are requested) stated on the offer letter.
  8. You pay the required fees directly into the institutions account and the institution applies to the Malaysian immigration (if you are not from a visa free country) for your student pass.
  9. You will be informed when your student pass is ready and you make arrangements for it to be posted to you.
  10. You secure a Malaysian visa from your country or proceed to Malaysia for study if you are free to travel to Malaysia without a visa. You will be received at the airport when you arrive and transported to your institution.

If you are a transferring student, most of the steps above will not apply to you. Transferring students will follow a different process depending on the policy of the institution.

When we receive your application to transfer, we will communicate to you the requirements acceptable to the institution.

You are only one step away to begin the process. Why waste time? Begin by filling this short form. 


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