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Our business

Our business focuses on tertiary students and related businesses and organizations in Malaysia and abroad. Malaysia is fast becoming a business and educational hub in Southeast Asia providing an attractive investment option for serious marketers interested in reaching tertiary students with their products and services.

Statistics of tertiary students in Malaysia 

Very importantly, Malaysia is a vast country with a population of 28.3 million people as at 2010 (91.8% Malaysian citizens and 8.2% non-Malaysian citizens). The population below the age of 15 years stands at 27.6%, between 15 and 64 years (the range that includes tertiary students) stands at 67.3% while above 65 years remains 5.1% (Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2012). As at 2007, tertiary students in Malaysia increased to a record 345,764 students studying in the 525 public and private tertiary institutions (Benjamin et al., 2007) while in 2008 international students studying in Malaysia totalled 70, 259 (The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, 2009). However, it is currently estimated that tertiary students in Malaysia have increased to over 700,000 with more than 100,000 international students from various countries.

Reasons to focus on tertiary students in Malaysia

Due to increased interest of the Malaysian government in attracting international students and increasing higher education access to Malaysian citizens, the number of tertiary students in Malaysian tertiary institutions continues to rise.

Why advertise with us:

  1. Gain access to targeted traffic of tertiary students in Malaysia and abroad.
  2. Gain access to a diversity of international students interested in a diversity of your products and services
  3. We are an independent organization that provides the most comprehensive information on tertiary student activities in Malaysia.
  4. Our rates are reasonable and do not stretch your advertising budget.


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