What are the lifestyles of students in your campus? How does their lifestyle affect you?  This page is dedicated to student lifestyles.  Are you studying in Malaysia and have a compelling experience in college or from friends? This is the place to talk about it. Local and international students are welcomed to comment. Tertiary students outside Malaysia are welcomed to highlight their views. 

What do you find acceptable or unacceptable in tertiary institutions? Tell us. There are no student judges here. Create you topic and have people comment on it. Write an article and claim authorship here. Have you seen any opportunities in Malaysia or have secured one for yourself already? Let others know.

Are you into sports? Perhaps into youth sports, winter sports, motor sports, wheel chair sports, volunteering, teen music and life entertainment? Broadcast it. Other students want to learn from your experiences. Are you into teen fashions? Let others know what to do in terms of fashion.

Would you like to talk about your interest anonymously? Say it here. This forum is the place to let loose.


  1. Comments should be in good taste.
  2.  Expressions should be non-commercial (if you want to commercialize, use our directory or proper advertising.

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