Disability services involves all the services provided to support the disabled. Some people sometimes think about disability. But since it is a fact of life, we are not only associated with disabled tertiary students but have a passion to actively support students to succeed in their chosen academic discipline.

While some institutions have made great efforts to support disabled students, some institutions are yet to provide such services that truly support the disabled tertiary students. Our disability services include pertinent information and interactive support aimed at discussing relevant areas to student life at the click of the button.

Do not hesitate to contact us (if you are able) about your specific needs and we will endeavor to search relevant information to assist you.

List of our services

1. Provides information on different types of disabilities that challenges students especially in Malaysia

Read our article ….Insight on assessment, causes and management of learning disabilities.

Read our article…… Students with disabilities.

Read our article…… Managing Physical disability

2. Provide information on the availability of disability equipment for disabled tertiary students especially in Malaysia (purchase and rental information)

Read about wheelchair (considerations, purchase or rentals)

Read about mobility scooters for the disabled (considerations, purchase or rentals)

3. Provides information on the relevant disability laws in force in Malaysia for the benefit of tertiary students both local and international

Read about current disability laws currently in force in Malaysia.

4. Provide current relevant disability information through published current breakthroughs that could benefit tertiary students in Malaysia enabling you take advantage of such technology and relevant news

5. Provide information on government / institutional efforts and rehabilitation centers that could help with some specialized assistance to disabled tertiary students

Read about government centers for rehabilitation

Read about government welfare and other services for disabled students

Read about government programs and assistance to the disabled student

Read about other institutional efforts to assist the disabled students.

6. Most importantly, provide a medium where you can just talk to us 
(if you are able) by dropping us a line on what could be a bother and we will do our very best to assist.

Click here to talk to us about your concerns

Our services are intended to support you and we urge you to take advantage of our services.

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