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Hong Leong Bank Student Forex Rate

by Ahmed

Hong Leong Bank is pleased to offer Hong Leong Student Forex Rate, a rate which is significantly more competitive than the counter foreign exchange rates published daily.

The Hong Leong Student Forex Rate is available for the following currencies:

1. US Dollar

2. Sterling Pound

3. Australian Dollar

4. Canadian Dollar

5. New Zealand Dollar

6. EURO Dollar

7. Singapore Dollar

The Student Forex Rate can be enjoyed when making any inward or outward remittances by way of Telegraphic Transfer, Demand Draft or Traveller's Cheque, irrespective of the amount.

Hong Leong Bank Berhad also offers lower TT charges irrespective of amount for fund transfers to students studying overseas, as shown below:

Payment in AUD - RM18
Payment in USD - RM25

Eligibility for the Student Forex Rate is as below:

1. Students studying overseas

2. Students doing twinning programmes

3. International students studying in Malaysia

4. Postgraduate students (e.g. MBA, Masters)

5. Professionals (e.g. CPA, ACCA, CFA)

6. Parents/guardians who are supporting students' education costs

7. ISIC members

The Hong Leong Student Forex Rate is open to all walk-in customers but existing Hong Leong Bank account holders and ISIC members are entitled to a further discount.

Customers would need to show the following proof to show eligibility:

1. Student ID card

2. ISIC membership card

3. University/College letter of offer

4. Other types of supporting documents

Contact the bank website for more details.

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