Suitable information technology and information systems project topics usually challenge final year information technology students. Information technology students must carefully select suitable project topics and perhaps build functional systems in their final year of study. We have made this easier for you.

Please fill out the form below and indicate your order (Research proposal only, Project + research proposal only or Project topic with rationale only).

Project topic (with rationale) only - RM 50 per topic

The rationale explains the main focus of the research and what the project topic is investigating. The rationale is especially important because it ensures that your project topic is not too broad or too narrow. This provides you with important information to proceed on your project. Word limit for the rationale is between 15 words to 50 words. Hence, if you only need a project topic (with rationale), scroll down to fill the form below and select “project topic (with rationale) only” in the section for package requested.

For the Research proposal and Project + research proposal packages, if you do not have a project topic, we offer you a FREE project topic suggestion service and the following process and conditions will apply:

  1. Fill out the request form below and select “yes” when asked if you need our Project Topic suggestion service.
  2. Select your areas of interest that you seek Project Topics.
  3. We will respond to your request.
  4. You make a non-refundable booking deposit of RM100We will suggest up to a maximum of five Project Topics in your selected area of interest. Please note that this deposit will be considered as part of your payment towards your research proposal request or your Project package. This makes our Project Topic suggestion service absolutely FREE. (For example, if you order for a research proposal costing RM700 but do not have a project topic, you will need to make a deposit of RM100 for a list of suggested topics to be sent to you. When your topic is approved, you will have to make a balance payment of RM600 only to complete the RM700 payment).
  5. The student informs us of the approved topic and makes the required payment.
  6. The student is informed of the progress of the project or research proposal (If requested) until delivered.


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