We acknowledge the need for high quality institution services by colleges, universities and other academic-related organizations in Malaysia. Your institution needs support services that provides for the academic and non-academic requirements of the students. Just as we support students we provide required support services to academic and academic-related institutions.

Find below our list of services for academic institutions in Malaysia.

Student Placement

Student Placement

We provide student placement services into colleges and universities in Malaysia and abroad on commission basis. We work with credible international student agencies to attract international students to the best schools that matches the students wishes both in Malaysia and abroad.   

We assess the needs of the prospective student and match it with the institution that best address the need of the prospective student. We are interested in working with institutions that aspire to expand. If this interest you, contact us here.

Events Publicity

Do you have an event or news that you require maximum publicity? Our free events publicity service through our blog provides academic institutions a cheaper and more effective way to advertise their student events, cultural shows, beauty contests, conferences, seminars, open days, road shows and exhibitions, notices of community support activities, sports achievements, convocations, anniversaries and other events.   

The procedure is simple. We accept news and events (along with an image up to 50 Kb if available) request for promotion from universities and colleges that are our partners and publicize it on our blog for the thousands of Malaysian students and visitors that visit our website. See our event publicity samples here. If you want to reach more tertiary students in Malaysia, please complete our short partnership form.

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