Operational Framework for International Student Management

The Operational Framework for International Student Management by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) is designed to enhance international student’s experience in the Malaysian Higher Education System.

It further provides for meaningful study and living experience for the students enabling them to achieve their fullest potential throughout their stay in Malaysia, enhance Malaysia’s reputation and attractiveness as a quality higher education provider and gain the confidence of prospective students to come to Malaysia for their higher education.

Moreover, it ensures achievement of the 2020 vision under the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (NHESP) 2020 and encourage Higher Education Institutions to align their institutional internationalization activities as stated in the Internationalization of Higher Education Policy launched in support of internationalization efforts under the NHESP 2020. 

The framework consists of three components:

1. Code of Practice for International Student Management

This component is the core document of this Framework. This document outlines the standard practice that Malaysian Higher Education Institutions should adhere to in accepting and accommodating  international students in respective institutions. Statements proposed in the Code of Practice for managing International Students guides the formulation of subsequent components i.e. Support Strategy for International Students and International Students Management Good Practice Indicators.

2. Support Strategy for International Students 

This component provides a guide to institutions on how to support international students. It focuses on Malaysian Higher Education Institutions by outlining roles and responsibilities of parties directly involved in managing international students (including Malaysian Higher Education Institutions and International students). The Strategy is a complementary document to the Code of Practice for International Students Management issued by the Ministry of Higher Education which seeks to recommend standards and good practices guiding the management of international students in Higher Educational Institutions.

3. International Students Management Good Practice Indicators

These indicators provide general information on managing international students by Malaysian Higher Educational Institutions.

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