Labuan tertiary institutions does not number as much compared to tertiary institutions in other states in Malaysia.

As an overview, Labuan is important since it is one of the three Federal Territories in Malaysia in addition to Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Labuan is an island that lies off the state of Sabah in West Malaysia. In its declaration as a federal territory, all islands and territories 4.8Km around it also belongs to the territory.

The territory has a population of about ninety five thousand five hundred people within an area of ninety one square kilometers (Department of Statistics Malaysia 2011, Labuan Corporation 2011).

In addition to its financial function, tertiary institutions located in the city are listed below.

Tertiary institutions in Labuan

1. Matriculation College Labuan

2. Industrial Training Institute Labuan

3. Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan International campus

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Labuan Administrative structure

Labuan is administered by the Labuan Corporation. This corporation is the merger of Labuan Municipal Council and Labuan Development Authority under the Labuan act of 2001.

The Corporation has Board of Directors that interface with the advisory council to administer the territory through its various departments and units.

The corporation functions by carrying out activities such as promoting tourism, improving infrastructure, transportation, sanitation, beautification of the territory and all functions of a local planning authority (Labuan Corporation 2011).

Tertiary institutions in Labuan are regulated by the Malaysian Department of Higher Education that ensure industry best practices are upheld.


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