Legal self help information for tertiary students in Malaysia is important since a lack of such knowledge can make a difference between successful completion of your program or becoming a victim of the Malaysian law.

Furthermore, all tertiary students especially international students in Malaysia should be aware of the legal implications of their actions. Various acts of parliament have been enacted to regulate various actions by students and tertiary institutions.

We are interested in providing important legal information that educate tertiary students in general and especially tertiary students in Malaysia. Our support services are aimed at providing help to tertiary students who knowingly or unknowingly fall victim Malaysian laws. 

These services include:

1.     Overview of the Malaysian legal structure

2.     Provision of relevant legal information to tertiary students in Malaysia

  •            Dangerous Drug Act 1952
  •            Immigration rules and regulations 1963

3.     Provision of sample legal cases involving Malaysian tertiary students

4.     Provision of access to legal support services for tertiary students in Malaysia

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