Wondering the benefits Penang tourism can provide you? This is a must-visit tourist destination in Malaysia...

Location of Penang

Penang formally known as ‘Pulau Pinang’ means ‘Isle of the betel nut’ and is located near the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Penang consists of two parts, the mainland ‘Seberang Perai’ and Island with its capital in Georgetown. It is bordered by the States of Kedah in the north and east, Straits of Melaka and Indonesia in the west and Perak in the south.

Tourism sites in Penang

Tourism sites in Penang can be categorized as world attractions. Penang is home to an UNESCO world heritage site (Georgetown) and draws attention to its priceless attractive cultural heritage.

If you are a new student in Malaysia, this is an opportunity to identify yourself with a lifetime memory of visiting Penang.

Moreover, if you are a prospective student considering studying abroad, take this as an added beckon to study in this world recognized tourist and education destination. Consider some of these attractions:

1. China Town

2. Little India

3. Penang Museum and Arts gallery

4. Blue Mansion

5. State Art gallery

6. Penang Bird Park

7. Beaches and much more

Weather in Penang

Penang weather temperature is fairly constant and generally dry except during the annual heavy monsoons generally around July-August to November-December.

Cuisines in Penang

Local and western delicacies abound in Penang. Popular local cuisines such as Nasi lemakand Satay are available in Penang.

Satay consists of roasted meat over charcoal fire or grilled, fresh fruits such as cucumber, onions accompanied with the traditional sauce. Forget the cutlery and satisfy your cravings first. You can easily wash your hands later.

Nasi lemak is a favorite Malaysian dish usually eaten in the morning but that is not cast on stone. Its attraction makes it available at all times of the day. Nasi lemak consist of coconut rice with roasted nuts, cucumbers and eggs.

Variations exist though. The Nasi lemak special comes with a special sauce designed to blend with the traditional Nasi lemak serving. The judge is you.

Immigration matters

Students visiting Penang especially international students must be with a form of identification (School ID or international passport) to ensure there are no disruptions by law enforcement.

Night life in Penang

Nightlife is busy in Penang as in most part of the country. The popular Malaysian jalan jalan(street strolling) is more attractive here as you meet little street kiosks selling various snacks and drinks (local and traditional) for the adventurous.

Georgetown has no lack of pubs, coffee shops and bars for the visitor.

Transportation in Penang

Transportation in Penang is suited for everyone. Ferries, private boats, yachts etc. are among the spectaculars. Cars and public transportation are available if you are not driving yourself.

Touring Penang can be life changing and educational. If you have a great experience visiting Penang, share you experiences here or read other people’s tourism experiences in Penang.

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