Congratulations if you are in your final year and considering your project research. You have worked so hard up to this point in your studies.

However, you are about to tackle the highest weighting of your coursework – your project. Many students have found it difficult to successfully complete their projects due to lack of experience in finding good research topics, writing appealing research proposals and limited competence in research analysis.

Unfortunately, some students have had to repeat a whole year of study just to complete their project research or even graduate with poor grades.

In order to ensure that you do not only submit a well researched project but have good guidance throughout your project, we have developed good research topics to assist you get started. Feel free to adopt these topics for your research or adapt it to suit your preference.

Research proposal

Research proposal is the first step in successfully completing your project research.

A good research proposal is expected to present the focus of the project research, nature and analytical methods of the research among other requirements. This is like a blueprint or skeleton of your project. Hence, a poor research proposal is a poor start to your research.

Have you written a research proposal before? Would you like to get the best grades in your research proposal and project work? We recommend you do not risk this important first step on your project – the highest coursework weighting of your program.

Good Project and research proposal writing like any other research activity requires the application of required skills to succeed. If you want to learn some research skills that will assist in your project, you might consider reading our article on research skills (opens a new window), otherwise you can make use of our project services.

We employ the highest standards of quality, discipline and integrity on each research request and quality check our writers to ensure nothing is overlooked. Moreover, we treat everyone respectfully which is why we experience a lot of repeat orders inspiring us to do more.

Would you not rather take advantage of our high quality, individualized project research competence in addition to our flexible payment options?

Steps to begin

  1. Locate the category of research topics below in your area of interest.
  2. Get all consultations done if required.
  3. Order our research proposal or project + research proposal package for our professionals to get to work.
  4. Get regular updates (if required) on the progress of the research from your dedicated researcher.

Scope and Pricing

These prices are estimates and intended to provide a general guide to your planning. In specific cases, it might not apply to you. Please note that these prices are for standard projects (below 10,000 words) and research proposals (between 1000 and 3000 words).

For the avoidance of doubt, specialized projects or research proposals consist of additional tasks such as requiring specific number of book references and journal citations, projects with more than 10,000 words, research proposals with more than 3000 words, projects and/or proposals with annotated bibliography, material aquisitions and constructions.

Where a requested project is considered specialized, a reasonable price will be communicated reflecting this broadened scope.

Project topic (with rationale) only - RM 50 per topic

The rationale explains the project topic, what the project topic is investigating and the main focus of the research. The rationale is especially important because it ensures that your project topic is not too broad or too narrow. This provides you with important information to proceed on your project. Please note that the word limit for the rationale is between 15 words to 50 words. Simply click on your project category below and on the next webpage fill out a short form and choose "project topic (with rationale) only" as your requested package. We will respond with instructions on how to proceed.

Research proposal pricing

Price (Malaysian Ringgits - RM)
Within 7 days Within 7 and 14 days More than 14 days
Activity Under graduate Post graduate Under graduate Post graduate Under graduate Post graduate
Research proposal (standard) 1000 1200 800 900 700 800
Research proposal (specialized) Depending on scope

Project pricing (Package)

Price (Malaysian Ringgits - RM)
Less than 1 month Within 1 and 3 months More than 3 months
Activity Under graduate Post graduate Under graduate Post graduate Under graduate Post graduate
Project (standard) 4500 5000 4000 4500 3500 4000
Project (specialized) Depending on scope

Ordering process

  1. Fill out the research request form
  2. We respond to your research request and communicate the required information to you
  3. You provide the required information and make payment
  4. You are assigned a dedicated researcher to work with you.

Project categories

Management related disciplines

Social science and related disciplines

Humanities and related disciplines

Information Systems and Technology related disciplines

(Watch out for more categories)

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