Mastering and demonstrating good research skills can be a daunting experience for some students.

Have you found yourself overtaken by events beyond your control, unskilled, sick, stressed, and tired and time constrained such that you find yourself struggling with your research work? Have you had coursework to do but do not know where to begin or the exact information required?

If this has been your experience, be assured that you can still succeed with our research support.

Many students who feel able to carry out research usually find their coursework marked down or even receive a fail grade.

Student Focus Malaysia is interested in reversing such trends by providing simple-to-follow tips to assist students develop research skills with their course work.

Steps to successfully complete your research

These general steps are important for any student to complete a good research work and develop some research skills. In specific cases, more or less steps than the ones presented below might be required in accomplishing the required tasks.

However, these steps are intended to highlight what you need to do to succeed in your research activity.

The steps include:

  1. Understand the question – this involves reading the question until the task is clear. This will usually include determining the task, limiting and content words in the question.Many students simply go right into the research without understanding the question only to gather so much information that are off-point to the required tasks.It is advisable for students to read the question repeatedly and then rewrite the question in your own words to demonstrate understanding of the tasks required.
  2. Determine the type of academic work – this involves confirming if the research is an essay, article, report etc. This is important as this will influence the format of presenting the research. Many institutions will state clearly the type of academic work expected. If this is stated, this has to be followed.
  3. Determine the format of presentation – the format of presentation follows the type of academic work. For example, the presentation format for a report is different from the presentation of an essay.Additionally, institutions usually state the expected format of the research or coursework. If in doubt, consult your lecturer to clarify before beginning your actual research.
  4. Confirm acceptable sources of information – this requires that you ascertain which sources of information are acceptable for your research work. Some research work might limit your research to only textbooks, journal articles, both to the exclusion of other sources, other source to the exclusion of both or just any source of information.This is a huge time saver if it is ascertained earlier rather than later.
  5. Confirm referencing style and any other additional information on the assignment brief (date of submission, font size, spacing etc.) – these are an important part of academic work. Referencing requirements vary from institution to institution.Some of the common ones include Harvard, APA and MLA. Most instructors will indicate the acceptable referencing style on the coursework brief and it is expedient for all students to confirm this important aspect of the research.
  6. Write out the sub-titles of the research – you are now ready to begin. Write out the sub-topics (if provided) to enable you have an overall picture of the research work.Even when you can write the sub-topics during the research, it is advisable to write out your subheadings or sub-topics earlier as this gives you another opportunity to confirm that your sub-topics correspond with what is required on the assignment brief.
  7. Search for answers to the question – this involve the actual researching to answer the question. Good research skills is required here. Do not only aim at completing the word count but more importantly on adequately answering the question.
  8. Confirm that each sub-title follows a structure – check that your research under each sub-topic clearly expresses the subtitle.
  9. Confirm the flow of thoughts – this involves checking that the ideas of your overall research flow from the beginning to the end of your work.This ensures your research is pleasant to read, demonstrates your research skills and communicates to your instructor you have good understanding of the subject, argument or discipline.
  10. Get additional perspective – it might be expedient to show your research to your instructor (if allowed) or to another professional in the field to get a different viewpoint on the subject matter. However, always ensure that you stick within the requirement of the task.
  11. Make final modifications - where necessary, incorporate suggested ideas and make final corrections to your research.
  12. Submit your work through the acceptable medium - are you submitting hard copy, online or both?

Applying the above steps will help you succeed in your research activity. Do you feel overwhelmed by the requirements of researching? You are not alone. Many students feel the same way but do not despair.

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