Research writing by our team is carried out by professionals with extensive research knowledge; skills and experience in a wide spectrum of academic fields.

Our Publications provide research information on topical areas of interest to students. We are experienced in a variety of academic writing and implement a system that incorporates all kinds of referencing styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) into our research.

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We employ the highest standards of quality; discipline and integrity on each research request handled and quality-check all our researchers to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Our simple yet strong customer focus approach leaves a lasting impression on our clients. We believe our popularity and growth results from positive word of mouth from satisfied clients.

We treat all our clients respectfully and satisfy them and so they come back just as you will. Moreover, our prices are so reasonable for the high quality research we provide coupled with the fact that our payment regime is flexible.

This is because our focus is in satisfying you. We have no hidden charges; hence you can be sure that the price communicated to you is all that is expected for payment.

Student Focus Malaysia Research Team guarantees you the following:

  1. High quality research paper
  2. Prompt delivery of all research orders
  3. Unlimited revisions of research paper until agreed delivery date (subject to our terms and conditions)
  4. Originality of every research request
  5. Compliance with all your instructions
  6. Ownership of intellectual property of your research once full payment is received.

Types of academic papers

  1. Essays
  2. Reports (market research, laboratory, business etc.)
  3. Articles
  4. Projects (MBA and Undergraduate)
  5. Coursework

Subjects covered for research include all courses in the following broad categories

  1. Sciences (pure, applied, social sciences etc.)
  2. Humanities
  3. Business management and all business related disciplines
  4. Computing and Information Technology related disciplines

How can you benefit from our research writing services?

  1. Complete a short research request form below and provide the required information
  2. We respond to your request within (1) day.
  3. You make an initial 50% deposit payment
  4. We assign a writer to your research and notify you of completion of your research
  5. You complete the remaining 50% of payment
  6. Research is delivered to you.

Payment methods

We accept payments through a variety of electronic channels - PayPal, MasterCard, visa card or direct payment at our office. Electronic payments are faster and encouraged.

Estimated pricing

These prices are for general planning purposes and might not necessarily apply to you so go ahead and request your research.

Research Cost (Malaysian Ringgits - RM)
Less than 2 weeks More than 2 weeks
Research length (words) Under-graduate Post-graduate Under-graduate Post-graduate
0 - 1500 450 500 400 450
1501 - 2000 600 650 500 600
2001 - 2500 650 700 550 650
2501 - 3000 700 750 650 700
3001 - 3500 950 1000 850 950
3501 - 4000 1200 1250 1150 1200
4001 - 4500 1400 1450 1350 1400
4501 and above Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable

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