Are you seeking for a student advertisement service specifically designed for tertiary students in Malaysia? Are you a local or international tertiary student in Malaysia? Do you have used items you’ll like to advertise to new students who might prefer to purchase them from you? Have you been restricted by other services to advertise one or two items?

We recommend you take advantage of our specialized advertisement service

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  1. Your used items (books, electronics, furniture etc.) will be more preferred and purchased by fellow students or new students who might not necessarily want to buy everything new.
  2. Advertise and sell your used items to international students who have a limited duration in Malaysia and would be interested in purchasing used items.
  3. Our service can earn income for you instead of being forced to throw your belongings as refuse when leaving Malaysia after your studies.
  4. Our service provides you an opportunity to advertise your personal items for FREE.
  5. Create a page for your adverts with pictures of your items to make your advertisement appealing and help other students quickly decide on the items they require.
  6. Create a webpage of your items and send your friends and other students to your list by linking to your advertisement page while you are blogging, on social media (facebook, twitter etc.) and through email. This is better than always having to copy and paste a whole list of items everytime you have to advertise your items.
  7. Ease of advertisement. You have all your items in one place and simply copy the link of the page to anywhere on the internet to further advertise your items.


  1. Advertise once in your state of residence. This ensures students in your state can quickly contact you. Replicated advertisements or adverts with similar content but with slight changes will be dropped.
  2. Advertised items are expected to be personal in nature and relevant to students. For other types of advertising, please contact us.
  3. Advertised items should not be excessive.
  4. Each advert should have a contact number, email, listed items, and prices for each of the listed items and contact phone number.
  5. Links are not allowed to be included in the advertisement. If you want links included in your adverts, please contact us. Adverts with links will be posted but the links dropped.


  1. Locate the picture you intend to upload with your advertisement (optional).
  2. Locate your state of residence below and post your advertisement accordingly.
  3. We will approve your advertisement when it meets our advertisement guidelines.
  4. Interested students in our highly trafficked site will contact you for your items.
  5. You earn income on your personal items.


  1. Always physically inspect items before entering into a commitment to pay.
  2. Do not rely on pictures to make final decisions.
  3. Consult professional advice if required.
  4. Student Focus Malaysia is not a party to the transaction but merely providing a platform for student advertisement of used and personal items.

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