This student services directory is specifically designed for businesses interested in providing students quality and possibly discounted products and services.

Are you a business organization interested in reaching record numbers of tertiary students? If you have products and/or services that will interest tertiary students, you are welcomed to advertise free of charge on our highly trafficked website.

The "free of charge" promotional advertisement offer in our directory expires August 30 2013. 

Locate our directory here

Why use our directory:

  1. Our directory is the only open directory providing information on businesses tailored to tertiary students in Malaysia.
  2. Our directory is free to use and easily categorized to provide ease of access to listed businesses.
  3. Our directory provides opportunities for businesses to reach targeted student market.
  4. Our directory resides in a website that is the fastest growing student resource in Malaysia.
  5. Inclusion in our directory is provided at the lowest cost in the industry.
  6. You can include up to four pictures of your business to communicate the value of your organization.


  1. Locate the most appropriate category for your business and submit your advertisement for consideration.
  2. Submit your advertisement containing information such as your business name, list of student-related products/services, contact information, contact person(s) and website address if available. 
  3. Products and services advertised should indicate the prices for students.
  4. Advertisements from businesses are accepted without links. If you will like to provide a link from our directory to your website or another destination, please contact us for link activation at a minimum charge.

Locate our directory here

Tips for businesses:

  1. Check and confirm that prices offered by your business do not exceed similar products and services offered by other businesses.
  2. Include a catchy heading to your advertisement and an inviting first paragraph. This encourages students to investigate your advertisement.

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