Overview of Malaysia

Would you like to study in Malaysia? or rather, would you like to study in a beautiful country? Malaysia is indeed a beautiful country in Southeast Asia with a diversified and teaming population of over 28 million people (Department of Statistics Malaysia 2010).

The country consists of East Malaysia (to the east) and Peninsular Malaysia (to the west) divided by the South China sea. The country is bordered in the north by Thailand and in the south by Singapore. Moreover, the South China Sea flanks the east while the Straits of Malacca flanks the west.

Malaysia is a multicultural society comprising mainly of the Malays, Chinese and Indians. It is also a study destination for many international students from various countries due to its world-class study facilities.

In Malaysia, there are exciting cuisines, good infrastructure and growing economy, interesting places of interest, booming service sector and fast becoming an education hub. Learn more about this country's fascinations in the Tourism services section.

Malaysian higher education authority and structure

Malaysia’s higher education is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education. The focus of this Ministry is to make Malaysia a center of higher educational excellence by the year 2020.

It is divided into four departments namely Department of Higher Education, Department of polytechnic and community college education, the management sector and development sector.

The Department of Higher Education provides the regulatory and oversight functions to the country’s’ public and private higher education institutions.

Public universities are funded by the government and a variety of private educational institutions exists to complement government efforts. The ministry ensures that educational institutions meet international standards of excellence.

Universities and colleges to study in Malaysia

Interestingly, the private education institutions provide a wide array of education options including Malaysian qualifications, American degrees, Australian degrees, and New Zealand degrees.

Full fledged campuses of foreign universities from Australia and United Kingdom among others compete alongside state-funded universities making higher education in Malaysia recognized internationally.

Find a list of tertiary institutions (as of writing) according to states and federal capital territories in Malaysia:




Kuala Lumpur



Negeri Sembilan









Student life in Malaysia

Student life in Malaysia is as exciting as the country. The multicultural diversity provides opportunities for local and international students to relate freely. Campus life can be varied due to the various cultural background represented in the country. The best way is to read about the lifestyle of students in Malaysia or perhaps join other students in sharing student lifestyle in your country with us here.

Malaysia is a peaceful country and this permeates the tertiary institutions as well. Local foods such as Nasi lemak and claypot etc. with a variety of western foods open up a new world for the adventurous student.

Mobility is provided by the regular buses, trains and taxis. Cars can be freely rented as required and many universities and colleges provide regular trips for the students to hyper markets and shopping malls such as Tesco and others.

Cost of living and cost of study is considerably low for the average student in Malaysia when compared with studying for the same degree in USA, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.

Little wonder the presence of so many international students.If you or your friends are considering studying abroad where you hope to spend less, gain an internationally recognized qualification (USA, UK, Australian) and enjoy yourself, then study in Malaysia would be your best choice.

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