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Organization Studies 
1. Compare and contrast job enrichment and job enlargement? 2. Discuss the role of norms in organizations? 3. What are successful organizational …

Researching in Business and Management 
Conduct a small scale research employing at least two different data collection methods (e.g survey, observation, interview etc.) and analyse your findings. …

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Faculty of Management and Management sciences

  1. The concept of Motivation is a popular concept in management. Explain this concept and express the difference between ERG Theory and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. [Answer]

  2. The process of change in organizations must be managed correctly to achieve the intended results. Choose an organizations’ internal environmental factor and explain the reason change is resisted by it. [Answer]

  3. Unions in developed countries often oppose imports from low-wage countries and advocate trade barriers to protect jobs from what they characterize as "unfair' import competition. Is such competition truly "unfair"? Is this argument in the best interest of (i) the union, (ii) the people they represent, and/or (iii) the country as a whole? [Answer]

  4. What are some factors affecting rice demand between developed and developing countries? [Answer]

  5. Answer the following questions on economic goods and elasticity (1)What are 2 contrasts between normal and inferior goods? (2) What are Substitute Goods? (3) Define Price Elasticity of Demand (4) List and define at least 3 types of Elasticity?[Answer]

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